Read our Recommendations for Improving Georgia’s Draft ESSA Plan

On Thursday, July 13, we sent a letter signed by 18 Georgia groups to State Superintendent Richard Woods with our recommendations for how to improve Georgia’s ESSA education plan to better serve our children.

In the letter we state that “we believe that this draft plan is a declaration of our state’s commitment to the education of all children and the state must get this right’ and that we believe the plan “could do more to ensure the future success of all Georgia students.”

Read the letter here.

Read Georgia’s Plan for Improving our Schools

On June 15, the Georgia Department of Education released its draft ESSA plan, which explains how the state is going to hold our schools accountable for how well they are educating all of Georgia’s children.

The full plan can be found on GADOE’s website here. You can also sign up there for more information and also comment on the plan to help Georgia improve the plan.

The deadline to submit is July 14. So tell GADOE what you want our schools to be doing to better help our children!

For far too long, the zip code a student lives in has determined his or her opportunity for educational success. Our coalition is committed to eliminating this barrier so that every child can reach his or her fullest potential. So when we say “educational equity” we mean that we want to build an education system where historic barriers of racism, class and discrimination don’t determine any student’s opportunity to succeed.

Right now, we are working on the implementation of the new federal education law, Every Student Succeeds Act.