Get Involved

Our students, our teachers, and our schools need more, not less.

Let’s advocate for greater equity in Georgia education. Get involved:

Attend one of our upcoming events.

✏ Talk to your child’s teacher and know what he or she should be learning, how well they’re doing, and what resources are available to support your child’s success.

✏ Spread the word to your friends and family about the push for greater investment in all students’ education.

Learn more about educational equity and the new standards and contact the organizations below to find out about events happening in your area/community.

Georgia Coalition for the Peoples’ Agenda
Urban League of Greater Atlanta
Center for Pan-Asian Community Services


You can also sign-up below to join our educational equity advocacy training. At this training, you’ll learn more about the new Every Student Succeeds Act and ways you can use the law to advocate for the policies and programs that will ensure all children will get the education they deserve.