The Georgia Standards of Excellence

State education “standards” define expectations for what all students should know and be able to do in each subject by the end of each grade.

School districts in Georgia have phased in the high and consistent standards – known as the Georgia Standards of Excellence in Georgia – for math and English language arts over the past four years. These standards help move instruction far beyond basic repetition, memorization, and passive seatwork. The standards challenge students to develop a deeper understanding of subject matter, to learn how to think critically, and to apply what they are learning in real-world situations.

The standards also ensure that states, districts, and schools across the country have the same standards at each grade level in math and English so that students have to meet the same expectations.

Georgia has made significant investments in the Georgia Standards of Excellence to help improve the quality of education that our students receive. Every child in Georgia is being asked to meet higher standards. States and school districts have an obligation with that expectation to provide every resource necessary for children to meet the standards, especially children who have historically been underserved by the education system.

We work to ensure that our children have what they need to meet the standards. Check out our principles for equitable implementation of the Georgia standards.